Do you know about the uprasing trend: Superfood!

Moringa Oleifera is one of the highest antioxidant rich superfood. Let’s learn more about Moringa down below.

Plants such as moringa, quinoa, matcha, kombucha, acai, goji berry, chia seeds, blueberries, which have become popular and trendy in recent years, are called superfoods. The term Superfood is defined for foods that are rich in nutrients and have beneficial compounds for health, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and natural nutrients. Superfoods are more beneficial on health than other foods; foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are called superfoods. When they are used regularly, the immune system is strengthened, the person feels vigorous and energetic. There are many foods in the world that have the “superfood” status. One of them is “Moringa Oleifera”

Moringa is a plant that grows in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Moringa leaf is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and E. It is also rich in calcium, potassium and protein. Its leaves contain a lot of antioxidants, which have a lot of benefits for the body. Antioxidants are molecules that fight cell damage and inflammatory conditions. It is important for eye health thanks to the high vitamin A it contains. Moringa also has the ability to burn fat and keep you full.


All parts of the moringa plant such as root, shell, leaf, seed, flower, cocoon and fruit are edible sources. For this reason, the locals gave terms to Moringa as “Tree of Life” & “Miracle Tree”.


  • 15 times more potassium than a banana
  • 10 times more vitamin A than carrots
  • 25 times more iron than spinach
  • 17 times more calcium than milk
  • 12 times more vitamin C than an orange
  • 9 times more protein than yogurt

What is the ORAC value & vitamin content in Moringa?

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